Music, Sound and Conflict is a research blog that examines the political dimension of music and sound in contemporary societies. The blog articles analyse the role of sound and music in processes of resistance, dynamics of violence and war propaganda. They pay particular attention to the sonic dimension of political and identity rituals deployed in both democracy and authoritarian regimes.
Editor: Luis Velasco-Pufleau

Music, Sound and Conflict est un carnet de recherche qui explore la dimension politique de la musique et du son dans les sociétés contemporaines. Les textes publiés analysent le rôle du son et de la musique dans des processus de résistance, des dynamiques de violence et des dispositifs de propagande. Ils portent une attention particulière à la dimension sonore des rituels politiques et identitaires déployés aussi bien en démocratie que dans des régimes autoritaires.

Luis Velasco-Pufleau
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-1330-974X
Email: luis.velasco-pufleau@wbkolleg.unibe.ch
I am a musicologist and sound artist. My work critically reflects on the relationship between sound, politics and violence in contemporary societies. In particular, I am interested in exploring the political dimension of musical practices, human voices and aural memories. I am currently a SNSF researcher at the University of Bern (Walter Benjamin Kolleg / Institute of Musicology). As a researcher and sound artist, I am interested in exploring innovative forms of writing at the crossroads of artistic creation and research in the humanities and social sciences. After completing my PhD in Music and musicology at Sorbonne University in 2011, I have conducted postdoctoral research at the EHESS (Paris), University of Salzburg, University of Oxford and University of Fribourg.

Editorial activities:
Co-editor of the journal Transposition. Musique et sciences sociales
Editor of the open access research blog Music, sound and conflict

Research fields:
Music in the twentieth and twenty-first century
Political ontologies of music
Sound, music and memory in conflict and post-conflict situations
Music and politics in democracy and authoritarian regimes
Music censorship / Music and war propaganda
Aural Anthropology / Anthropology of sound